My Story

Lost. That is how I would’ve defined myself in the spring of 2013. My life was empty and I had nothing left. I found my life in the middle of nowhere without any sense of direction.

I was attending college in a small town in western Kansas. The town and college were well known for its late nights and massive parties. When I had decided to go to school there it wasn’t because of the education, and it wasn’t because of the great university staff. It was because I wanted to party. I accomplished my goal of wanting to party in fact for three or four nights a week you wouldn’t find me anywhere other than a house party or the bars. My life was surrounded by the party life and I was a party animal. Nights during my life during these times were marked by number of beers I could consume. This isn’t how my life had begun; in fact my childhood was completely different than the life I was living in at college. I grew up near a small town in South Central Nebraska. My family has farmed for many decades and I was part of the fifth generation growing up on the farm. A great community of people surrounded me and my family attended a local church in town. I was enamored with God as a young boy. In fact I had given my life to The Lord at the ripe young age of four. I maybe didn’t exactly know everything that was going on at the time but I wanted Jesus to be The Lord of my life. I kept pursuing The Lord until the 5th grade. This was when my life began to take a huge turn for the worst.

As a fifth grader I felt the calling of ministry on my life. In fact while most kids wanted to grow up to be a cop, firefighter, astronaut, or professional athlete, I found myself in the minority, I wanted to be a pastor. A pastor. I had even felt the calling so loudly in my life, I felt the compulsion to share it in the front of class one day. Courageous, yes, but not prepared for the consequences of wanting to pursue the calling that God had placed on my life.

My life turned into being the laughing stock of the class. Mockers, and people throwing insults at me were constantly surrounding me. Every day was the worst day of my life. I couldn’t get away from any of it. They students in my class had launched a full-fledged attack against my deepest desires to become a pastor. I was ill prepared for anything like this in my life as a fifth grader. Following many years of deciding that I didn’t want any of the plans that God had for my life, led me down the path that found me in the middle of a college town with my health failing me due to the life that I was living. It was then when God began to change my story. God began to be the center of my life and he placed an amazing community of believers around me to begin my journey back to the path that he had planned for so long. I returned. Like the famed prodigal son I found myself back in God’s loving embrace once again after I had blew it all away.

Through God’s redeeming grace I began to reveal his plans for my life and the future that he had in store, plans that now include me living in Hays and ministering on the same campus that I was ministered to on. God has begun to use my story to relate to many of the students that are going through similar circumstances as I did. He is using my story for His glory.

It was when I was overseas when I realized his calling me back to Hays when I was in Haiti. I felt God speaking to me that while he is calling me to travel overseas to reach the nations for his glory that he truly needed me in Hays to accomplish the plans that he has on Fort Hays State University’s campus!


God has called me to walk alongside college students while attending Fort Hays State University and encourage them while they establish an intimate relationship with Jesus.

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I am asking you to partner with me in this journey for the next nine months. This will allow me to serve on campus through July of 2016. I am seeking to raise $1,800 per month that would allow me to reach the campus of Fort Hays State University full time. Any gift of any size will help impact the campus for the glory of God! I appreciate your consideration and prayers as I share God’s grace and mercy with the students attending Fort Hays State University.


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